Yes, Typical Camper is a thing!

It only took me like a week or two but I’ve managed to get my website back online. I know it’s super simple, but taking time for it & having inspiration is another thing… And, now there is a blog area too. Which you should know since you’re looking at it right now.

Mate, why in English?

The plan is to write my blogs in English. If you’re absolutely horrified by it, please let me know. Maybe I should translate them in Dutch below.

What to expect

Mostly stories that include remote working, traveling, vanlife and of course – I am a foodie after all – recipes. I hope to inspire you, guide you, entertain you and to simple keep ya’ll updated.

Nomadic camper park, Valencia area

Hasta la proxima

Talk soon! Updates will be posted on Instagram too so you’re sure to never miss a thing from me.

2 reacties op “Yes, Typical Camper is a thing!”

    1. typicalcontent_claire

      Hoi Wilfried, bedankt voor je bericht. Je hebt helaas gelijk, er is e.e.a. veranderd in de hostingpartij en ik moest daar nog iets voor aanpassen. Als het goed is, zal dat binnen 24u opgelost zijn nu. Bedankt voor je bericht! Verder is er niets onveilig aan de website hoor, is puur en alleen een DNS aanpassing dus maak je geen zorgen! Groeten, Claire

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